Welcome to the Beech Tree Game Farm Website.

We design and build our own galavanised steel brooder huts that produce the best birds available but also huge savings in labour and gas.

We supply K Thunder, Kansas and Common pheasants and French Partridge throughout England and Wales.

We are a small family run game farm with a proven record of supplying game birds of the finest quality.

Unlike many other game farms our Kansas and K Thunder stock was imported by us from the USA and we over winter them here. We can show you the paperwork to prove it. Beware of game farms who claim to have these birds. They are usually bred from caught up stock.

All our birds are hatched in our own Hatchery.

Excellent references are available.

Contact us now on 01805 601720

Mobile 07810 006445

Tractor and Feeder Portable Brooder Huts
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