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In 2006 we imported a stock of Kansas pheasants from Bill McFarlane in the USA.These birds have some unique characteristics. They are a very sporting bird, climbing high and soaring over the gun's, but they also provide an excellent return equal to any other strain we have tried. They are very strong birds, and hatch and rear with exceptional vigour.

In 2013 we imported a large number of K Thunder eggs to hatch, rear and over winter. Trials of these birds have shown the to even out perform the Kansas.Their flying ability is unbelievable, and like the Kansas they stay at home.

We supply these birds as pure breed from 100% over wintered stock and as a first cross, as 7 week old poults throughout England and Wales.

Our birds were featured in a shoot review in The Shooting Times In 2011. These were pure Kansas birds that we supplied to Valley Farm Shoot in Wiltshire.

"The Kansas Strain.

The last drive of the day, Combine, so named after an ancient combine harvester sited on the skyline, consisted of three-quarters of a mile of woodland on the far valley bank, a long stretch of artichokes and 100 acres of cover behind the trees. The partridges on this drive were dominated by pheasants which, though it was only early September flew as though they had a couple of months shooting behind them. This pure Kansas strain seems to hold well and, when driven, claws the sky as soon as it is airborne."

Beware of imitations. There are game farms that claim to have these birds, but often they are bred from caught up stock, and crossed many times with other types. Whilst some birds will retain their Kansas traits most will not. Ask the game farm where they got them from. We can show you the paperwork to prove they were imported from the USA.

As a family run farm we aim to provide exceptional customer service and quality of stock.

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