Pheasant Poults

  • All pheasants produced on our game farm are hatched by ourslelves from our home produced eggs.
  • We produce strong well-feathered birds that fly well but hold on the ground and produce a good return.
  • All birds are guaranteed to be delivered free from any disease or infection.
  • In 2019 we can supply the following types as 7 week old poults
  • K Thunder
  • Kansas
  • Chinese Ringnecks
  • Common ringnecks
  • Our Kansas and K Thunder stock are all over wintered and are bred from birds we imported from the USA.

    French Partridge

  • Our French Partridge all come from a single French source selected and proven for its quality.
  • They are all hatched on our own farm.
  • We supply as day olds and poults usually at 14 weeks of age.

  • Prices

  • Rearing is undertaken in modern insulated brooder huts built by ourselves with shelter pens and grass runs.Much attention is paid to the proper hardening off of poults to ensure they are fully hardy when they are released.
  • We rear in low densities to reduce stress on birds.
  • Fresh ground is used every year.
  • Every possible attention to detail is paid.
  • Nipple drinkers and thermostatically controlled gas brooders are used throughout.
  • Delivery is done on our own specially designed vehicles.
  • Please phone for a quote for 2019
  • Stock Pen Pheasant Poults
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